​Congratulations!! You are now ready to start enjoying your new JugByBert catfishing jugs. Many folks prefer to use live or cut shad as their bait of choice. There are many other baits that work very well which you can try such as live perch, chicken gizzards, bait shrimp, and hotdog wieners. There are even several makers of catfish bait soap believe it or not. Whatever you choose we wish you the best of luck with your new jugs. Thanks again for choosing JugsByBert and remember to "Take A Kid Fishing"!

                                                                                                                                            From our family to yours,  

                                                                                                                                             God Bless and we wish you safe adventures         



​Step 2. ​ Slide one bead, one swivel, another bead to the knot and then tie another knot behind the second bead as shown below.

Each package comes complete with 1 ​JugsByBert catfishing jug, 75' of 90 lb.  test main line, two 60 lb.  test leader lines, two 4/0 circle hooks, two swivels, four beads, and a one pound weight. Everything you need to get started jug fishing.

Step 1. ​Pull out approx. 7-8 feet of the main line (or however deep you prefer, we generally use this amount)and tie a knot in the line at approx. 6ft. as shown in the picture below.

​Step 5. Now take one 18" leader line and tie a hook to one end and tie the other end to one of the swivels as seen below. Repeat this step for both swivels.

​Step 3. Now move down the main line approx. 3' feet and tie another knot. Repeat Step 2. ​at this point. See illustration below.

​Step 4. ​Now move to the end of the main line and tie on the one pound weight as seen below.